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Web-Site Privacy Policy Statement

For each unique visitor to our web site, our web servers automatically recognize only the domain and or e-mail address. All Heal Vets servers utilize the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol to secure data through all forms of data transfers to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. The Server negotiation uses the latest cryptographic algorithms. We collect no other information on consumers who browse our web page. Any information we gather is used for responding to inquiries and for internal review; it is then discarded after 45 days. It is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.

To prevent emails from Heal Vets, a consumer should send an email to the above address, call 951-926-4500, or write to the above mailing address.

Heal Vets adheres to the following CA legislation:

Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1798.100 et seq. (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA))

Allows consumers the right to request a business to disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal information that the business has collected about the consumers as well as the source of that information and business purpose for collecting the information. Provides that consumers may request that a business delete personal information that the business collected from the consumers. Provides that consumers have the right to opt-out of a business’s sale of their personal information, and a business may not discriminate against consumers who opt-out. Applies to California residents. (A.B. 375, Effective Jan. 1, 2020. Amended by 2018 S.B. 1121.)

Related CCPA Information:

California Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)
 Proposition 24, approved Nov. 2020, effective January 1, 2023

Expands the consumer data privacy laws. Permits consumers to: (1) prevent businesses from sharing personal information; (2) correct inaccurate personal information; and (3) limit businesses’ use of “sensitive personal information”—including precise geolocation; race; ethnicity; religion; genetic data; private communications; sexual orientation; and specified health information. Establishes the California Privacy Protection Agency to additionally enforce and implement consumer privacy laws and impose fines. Changes criteria for which businesses must comply with laws. Prohibits businesses’ retention of personal information for longer than reasonably necessary.  Triples maximum penalties for violations concerning consumers under age 16. Authorizes civil penalties for theft of consumer login information, as specified. (Amended by 2021 A.B. 1490)

Under our policy we do not make the e-mail addresses of those who access our site available to other organizations. Even so, we understand that some may want extra measures taken to ensure that their email addresses are not used in this way. A consumer can let Heal Vets know by sending email to Heal Vets at the above address, calling Heal Vets at 951-926-4500, or writing to Heal Vets at the above mailing address, telling Heal Vets not to share the email address with other organizations.

If a donor supplies Heal Vets with a postal address online, periodic postal mailings from Heal Vets may be received, providing information on Heal Vets programs, Heal Vets services, and its funding needs. If such postal mailings are not desired, the donor may let Heal Vets know by sending e- mail to Heal Vets at the above address, calling Heal Vets at 951-926-4500, or writing to Heal Vets at the above mailing address. Heal Vets requires the consumer’s exact name and address. The same information is necessary if deletion from the Heal Vets mailing list of postal addresses that may be shared with other organizations is desired; Heal Vets will make every effort to remove the name from any such lists. Persons who supply Heal Vets with their telephone numbers may be assured that their telephone number will be kept in confidence by Help Heal Veterans and will not be shared with other organizations..

If a donor would like to review the personal information we maintain or request a correction, he/she may contact us via e-mail or by calling 951-926-4500. Our donors’ privacy is important to us. Help Heal Veterans and any of its associate or special project programs will never share any personal information obtained on line through the web site. Personal information from those who communicate with Heal Vets online collected for the purpose of responding to specific requests.

Online donations to Heal Vets are processed over a secure connection between the consumer’s computer and Heal Vets ‘s server. Credit card information is encrypted when submitted to the processor and is not shared with any other entity. If at any time a donor feels that Heal Vets may have released data without permission, he/she is to call 951-926-4500 or e-mail Heal Vets at to receive a response to the question. Heal Vets web server recognizes consumer TCP/IP addresses for the purpose of analyzing web site access and improving the content of our website.


Postal and e-mail addresses provided online will be used only to: offer opportunities for contributing in support of Heal Vets service programs for veterans and their families; process donations; respond to requests for information; and provide receipts. Heal Vets will also provide periodic releases of timely and important information, which may be of interest to the donor. Information provided by individuals over this site will not be made available to outside companies or organizations.

Opting Out

To have a name removed from any of our lists, the consumer can contact us through the numbers below. (For personal protection and verification, the address will be required to submit for removal.)

Help Heal Veterans

36585 Penfield Lane

Winchester, California 92596

1-951-926-4500 (Office)

1-888-567-VETS (Toll Free)

1-951-926-3569 (Fax)


Privacy Policy

The information presented by Help Heal Veterans is based on knowledge, data records and documentation. Heal Vets takes an extreme amount of care in preparing the information and believes it to be accurate. However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the authors as to the use or application of the information, nor shall they or the organization be responsible or liable for any damages resulting in connection with or arising from the use of any information found within Heal Vets materials.

Heal Vets literature is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. The authors and the organization are not engaged in rendering any legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a professional should be sought. All content and images are property of the Help Heal Veterans and shall not be used without written consent from Heal Vets.

Unless expressly made, mention of trade names, commercial products or organizations, does not imply endorsement by Heal Vets.


 Privacy Policy Statement

Heal Vets can be reached by postal mail, e-mail at, or by telephone at 951/926-4500 or toll free at 1-888/567-VETS.

The postal address is:

Help Heal Veterans 36585 Penfield Lane

Winchester, California 92596

Heal Vets periodically shares donor contact information with other organizations (phone number, e-mail, postal address, etc.) via e-mail or postal (direct mail reply). If a donor does not want Heal Vets to share personal information, a request may be sent by email, phone or postal mail. To review or update the contact information Heal Vets has on file, a donor should write, email or call Heal Vets.


Heal Vets knows personal information provided to the organization is to be held in the strictest

confidence. We have procedures in place that take the necessary steps through internal controls to

protect that confidence. Personal data on file is only accessed by individuals of the organization with

a need to know and that have a clerical responsibility to make changes (including deletion) to the

data as requested by donors or the management of Heal Vets.


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