How We Work; How Your Donation Helps

Help Heal Veterans (Heal Vets) provides therapeutic arts and crafts kits to veterans. A variety of products and services are given free of charge to hospitalized, homebound, nursing home and ambulatory veterans. Over 30 million craft kits have been delivered to date. Heal Vets is strictly donorsupported and neither seeks nor receives government funding. 

Is our facility eligible to receive crafts?

If your facility provides services to veterans, you may qualify to receive Heal Vets arts and crafts kits. To apply online, click here. Once your application is received and reviewed, a Heal Vets staff member will contact you. 

Are donations to Heal Vets tax deductible?

Heal Vets is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law. 

Why does Heal Vets seem to have more than one address?

The Heal Vets headquarters is in Winchester, California. All craft kits are distributed from this location, and many kits are produced here as well. Donations are directed to post office boxes in Washington, D.C. (P.O. Box 98088) and Hagerstown, Maryland (P.O. Box 5025) for more expedited processing. 

Can I assist the Help Heal Veterans mission, even if I’m unable to make a donation?

Absolutely! There are several ways to help our veterans. Check out our Giving page for some outlets that Heal Vets offers. 

How much of my donation goes towards the program’s services, i.e. the veterans?

The answer to this question can be found within the Heal Vets financial information page.  

I’m a veteran; may I receive craft kits from Help Heal Veterans directly?

Yes! Eligible veterans may register through The Heal Vets Patient Home Rehabilitation program to receive kits at home.  

How many facilities has Help Heal Veterans shipped to?

Heal Vets has shipped millions of arts & crafts kits to hundreds of facilities since its inception, with each shipment customized. Facilities served have included: 

  • Overseas Military Installations: 31
  • Military Ships: 1
  • Continental U.S. Military Installations: 153
  • State Veterans Homes: 134
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers: 180
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinics: 25
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