Request Kits for Home Delivery


Program is currently on hold and is being restructured due to increased cost of shipping and postage due to inflation and other economic challenges.  This is a temporary measure as our donors who give so much to help our warfighters in their healing journey from the wounds of war, recover from these difficult economic times. The new Patient Home Rehabilitation Program design will better serve our veterans and active-duty members with more kits delivered to support the healing process.  Check back in the near term when sign ups recommence.

Please reach out to our staff if you’re undergoing significant stress and the kits are critical to helping you progress in the near term; we’ll do our best to support you.  If there is anything you’d like to share on how the kits have benefited you in your therapy and life this will greatly help us with our outreach to keep this program thriving.  We encourage you to share your story by emailing

Sustainability First 

At Heal Vets, we’re committed to sustainability. We repurpose materials from our donors that would otherwise end up in landfills and turn them into therapeutic crafting kits for our veterans. 

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