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What’s in a craft kit? We supply everything a veteran needs to complete a project—which could be anything from leatherworking to building models, to making jewelry and much more—including materials and instructions. It’s all packaged up with a thank-you card for the donor who provided it, which lets the veteran reach out to share what a difference it made to them.

We also work closely with veterans and their clinicians to make sure that each kit is matched to the needs and abilities of the veteran. Some of our kits are better for restoring fine motor skills and concentration; others for relieving depression and anxiety. All of them build greater self-worth and self-esteem and help our veterans focus on the present instead of living in the past.

Here are some examples of the types of kits we send out. Our actual inventory varies, but we always keep a wide variety of projects and craft types in stock.

75% of kits are made from recycled materials

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Did you know you can get craft kits delivered straight to your door? 

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