Request Kits for Your Facility

Heal Vets carries hundreds of various craft kits that fall within four primary categories—woodworking, leather, painting and scale modeling. The kits are 100% free, including shipping costs. Heal Vets kits range in difficulty from level 1 to level 4 (1 being the simplest). 

Each kit comes with a thank-you postcard, allowing the veteran to write a personal note of thanks directly to the donor. We pay the postage, so once card(s) are completed, they may be picked up by your postal carrier or dropped into any USPS mailbox. 

If you, a veteran you know or your facility is interested in becoming a recipient of Heal Vets arts and crafts kits, please complete the form below to request kits. Once your request has been reviewed, staff will contact you to discuss your individual needs. 

For facilities serving 20 or fewer veterans, please use the Request Kits for Your Home application.​  

Is your facility exclusive to veterans?

Are you a non-profit licensed care facility? If so, what kind?

Do you have a clinician or social worker on staff?

By checking this box, I acknowledge that our facility will comply with the following HHV requirements:*

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Sustainability First 

At Heal Vets, we’re committed to sustainability. We repurpose materials from our donors that would otherwise end up in landfills and turn them into therapeutic crafting kits for our veterans. 

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