I got this kit in November 2017, while in RSAT (Resident Substance Abuse Treatment) at the Boise, Idaho VA Center. I was pretty much a mess prior to this; a totally worthless drunk for the last 3 years. The RSAT helped me ‘pull my head out’ and I was finally able to see a bright future ahead. It was– and is — a fantastic program! I have been classified as an alcoholic by military doctors for some 40+ years, but until recently, I was a “functional alcoholic”. It’s ‘funny’ how alcoholism can creep up on you and before you know it, you just sit around and drink. This kit sure helped me get my mind off of my problems because it is a very intense kit. I had mostly finished putting this kit together before leaving the RSAT, but wanted to wait till I got home where I had the tools and paint needed to finish this beautiful cannon. I did some research on the web to see some of the proper coloring and layout. Since I live in a very rural area, I now want to buy a functional black power model!
My name is Ron M. and I was in Vietnam in 68’-69’. THANK YOU very much!

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