I am a retired U.S. Army 1st Sergeant who served in Korea, Alaska, and two tours in Vietnam, among other numerous assignments. I am disabled due to injuries sustained from three helicopter crashes, exposure to Agent Orange and other factors involving military operations.

The HHV Craft program has been beneficial to me because it provided opportunities to maintain my manual dexterity, thought process and self-esteem. Many of you may not know how worthless a person can feel lying in bed, not knowing if you will be able to ever have a normal life again. HHV (Craft Kits) provided me with a reason to wake up and face the challenge of completing a paint-by-numbers picture, or a suncatcher you want to give your wife. Oftentimes, building the model kits inspires a competitive spirit among the (veterans) to see who can do a better job. Completing these tasks renews the desire to do things and reinforces a person’s self-worth. A simple project such as lacing a couple pieces of leather together to make a Checkbook Cover or Coin Purse can be the stimulus to want to do more challenging things.

Thank you for providing those opportunities.

Doug A., U.S. Army (Ret.)

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