Capt. McClain,

“I received my new kit today and, as always, it is such a wonderful thing to know people still care about us. Every time I get a kit I send the postcard back thanking the people who are supporting the program. I am getting old and I have severe arthritis in my entire body, and these kits surely do help me keep my attitude and spirits lifted, and exercise program going. I thank everyone who supports this program. You don’t know how much it can mean to us disabled veterans. I always check pen pal on the post card – I haven’t yet received a reply, but that is OK. I know the program is there for us. I know many of my fellow veterans appreciate being able to work with the kits in the VA hospitals and even at home as I am, being basically homebound. It is such a wonderful thing that you all are doing!!! Keep up the good work and a big HOORAH! Love the website, as it is very informative. Helps me know that myself and all my brothers and sisters in arms are not forgotten and are appreciated. Before I became basically housebound, I traveled extensively around the United States and proudly wore my SEAL hat. I received many thank you’s for my service. It is always good to get an “atta boy” from the civilians on the street. Wasn’t always that way; back in the days of the Vietnam conflict. I think that the American people are backing us much more nowadays and this is a good thing! The United States may not always be right, but our military is always the best!”

Lt. Com. JQF, UDT SEAL Attack Force One
Vietnam Era Veteran and Cold War Service

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