Dear Captain McClain,

We would like to thank you, your staff and all of the donors who have sent kits and projects for my father, Jim, to work on while he is in the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Hospital. Jim has always been very active, since he enlisted in the Navy as a teenager, to now, at 90 years old and in a wheelchair. With the recent loss of his wife of 67 years, and a very small family that lives quite a distance away, the transition to a wheelchair has been difficult for him. But your organization has helped in many ways. He always looks forward to receiving a package (of Craft Kits) from you. He loves to open it up and see what project he gets to work on next. He always calls me, so excited to give me all the details of the project. Jim has always loved working with wood (he’s the son of a carpenter). Your generosity has helped in so many ways – from knowing that there are loving people who remember the veterans and their service to our country, to having a project to work on to help pass the time and keep his mind alert and is hands functioning. The happiness Jim has when he gives his craft to someone he loves or someone who has shown him kindness in the hospital, is just one of the many ways I see the kits helping. My father and I would like to thank each and every one of you in your generous organization, and all of the donors for their love and kindness.

With our deepest thank you,

Jim and Gail (daughter to Jim)

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