Change the World, One Veteran’s Life at a Time 

When you donate to Help Heal Veterans, you don’t just make a difference—you might even make a friend. Our nation’s veterans truly appreciate everything our donors make possible, and when you make a donation, you may hear back from the veterans whose lives you improve. We encourage our donors to return their correspondence. Countless veterans and donors have become pen pals and lifelong friends as a result. Your letters let them know how much their service means to their fellow countrymen. 

Unlike other veteran’s service organizations, Heal Vets provides a product to those we serve.  We design, manufacture and distribute many of our own products to reduce costs. No other charity in America provides this service of buying—or producing—craft kits for its donors that are then shipped to veterans on their behalf. Every therapeutic arts and crafts product distributed to veterans is of the highest quality, made with dedication and pride.  

During fiscal year 2019-2020, Help Heal Veterans manufactured over 82% of the craft kits distributed to veteran patients with 15% of the remaining craft kits being donated as a gift in-kind. 

“In 2010 I thought my life was over. I was looking for something but didn’t know what it was. I guess I was trying to find my niche in life. I was good at several things, but not great at anything…In 2014, I graduated from Corning with an AAS degree in Human Services. None of this would have been possible without the aid of the craft kits that I received and worked on. They taught me how to focus my energy on positive things in life. My real passion is making clocks…If I have a legacy to leave this world it is my clocks. “

– James S.

“Thank you all so much for the great kits you send me. As someone who is going blind, I can still accomplish them and very much enjoy the time doing so. As with all the kits I complete, this one will go to a local child who needs a smile.”

– Ben D., SSGT USMC, Disabled

“Prior to coming, I’d been coping with PTSD from a 1 year tour/4 year active duty service MST and a recent abusive relationship. I was struggling so much socially that the only outside contact I had were acquaintances I worked with at church and the kids I taught in Sunday School.

Since working on the kits from Help Heal Veterans (Heal Vets), I have personally gained self-esteem, independence and a better sense of productivity and community. Heal Vets has helped me develop my creative side. I’ve made a few friends along the way as well!”

– Brittany B.

“I want to thank the donors for the crafts I have received at the Patriot Place. The crafts have helped me greatly with my PTSD and depression. My concentration has improved dramatically and it gives me great joy and accomplishment when I complete a craft. So far, I have done 10 craft kits! Again, thank you to all the donors. God Bless you!”

– Deborah L.

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